Mesothelioma incidence in the US and Canada:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mesothelioma on its effect in major US:

As we know that, mesothelioma is a very rare kinda cancer and it is hard to diagnose at the early stage, research says that there are upto 4000 new incidence or patients diagnosed with this asbestos lung mesothelioma every year. By the time it is predicted, the disease often attains its later stage. When, we see the spread of this rare disease, it often occurs in the US and Canada as most of the industries uses asbestos.

A report says that even-though there are only two asbestos mines are in Canada, the mesothelioma incidence rates picked up here has the highest rate when compared to other regions. Steps are taken to ban these asbestos mines to prevent from this dangerous disease to spread further. The WHO organization has also recently sent a report that 1 million people around the world get caught of this disease and die and this leads to a poor survival rates in mesothelioma patients.

Mesothelioma cancers occurs in California widely as it is one of the place where industries uses asbestos for more than a century. Power plants, construction companies and other Aerospace industries uses more asbestos for more than 100 years. The good part here is asbestos is not used to produce new products in the United states. This may sound good but the products which are in use
has asbestos in it which may causes this dreadful mesothelioma cancer. Mostly Californian houses and buildings have this proposition 65 warning displayed on them. Even-though good measures are taken by the government of every country, it is upon the people to abide the rules to prevent these type of dreadful asbestos disease.


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This informaion provided in this article is very productive and it helps a lot to prevent the growth of this disease.thanks a lot for posting this article.

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