Mesothelioma treatment:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mesothelioma treatment options:

For Mesothelioma still the treatments are not available to cure the deadly cancer completely. Researches are still undergoing for treatments to cure the disease to a full extent. The patient should choose the Mesothelioma treatment that is right for him. There are different ways of treatment for this deadly disease but not yet successful in every aspect.

The mesothelioma patient must know the stage he is in, to undergo the right kind of treatment and should get the knowledge of his prognosis. He also has to know the risk and side effects of the treatment which he needs to undergo. As mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that is found in the chest and abdominal cavity the treatment options are chemotherapy, radiation therapy and also by surgery are used as the treatment options. We can classify the treatment as three types and it can be of the following:

1) Surgery treatment.
2) Radiation therapy
3) Chemotherapy

1) Surgery treatment:

Surgery treatment is done by removing the pleural cavity, lung and the cancer affected area. This surgery is highly risky and may have adverse effect even in a short period of time. This type of surgery treatment is not done for old people and they are done especially for younger in age who can withstand the surgery with good health conditions.

Some surgery involves only in preventing  further spread of the cancer cells by specific control measures rather than curing mesothelioma.

2) Radiation Therapy:

As from the name implies, this type of treatment for mesothelioma is done by radiation to kill the tumor. Radiation therapy varies in success according to the location of the tumor. When these doses are given there are risk involved as these doses are given near to the walls of the heart, the light membrane pleura and it may cause damage to the organs.

So, doctors use to give low doses of radiation therapy but this can cure the disease only to a certain extent. So, radiation therapy is widely used for most type of cancer diseases and for this mesothelioma, it is used with doses to a cetain limit.

3) Chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy is the treatment which is used from a long time early from 1940s till now. These chemotherapy treatments are very useful in curing the cancer cells in the early stage. The stage before a tumor is formed is usually removed by this chemotherapy. There are even side effects to this chemotherapy treatment such as hair-loss, anemia, constipation and so on like these. Mainly chemotherapy uses drugs to treat this mesothelioma.

Even-though it have not produces much good results in many patients,  scientists still involved in researching new combination to treat this dreadful cancer called mesothelioma. There are many types in chemotherapy treatment like combined modality, intensity modulated and adjuvant and so on. Still invention of new drugs are still on the run to treat this mesothelioma.


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