How far a mesothelioma patients can survive?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mesothelioma survival rate:

As you have already read that the mesothelioma survival rate is too low depending upon the patients prognosis stage. If the mesothelioma patient is detected in the previous or at the initial stage, there are chances to save the patient but the chances are less indeed. When mesothelioma is detected, the patient can survive for a year and that too not confirmed as it is upto the progress of the disease. There are drugs to extend the survival rate but not to a greater extent. Some medical drugs have proved that their medication have had an greater effect on mesothelioma patients even for more than one and a half years too.

It has been found from the last 5 years the survival rate is less than 10%. One of the reason for this low survival rate because of the lack of realization from the people who have mesothelioma. They never mind about their health conditions even they often have some irregularities in their health. They do not have a through check up for their illness. We can clearly say that even a mild pain in chest or abdomen if unchecked in the early stage may lead to a unwanted situation at the end.

It is better to have a frequent checkup for any type of illness as this mesothelioma patients are often diagnosed only at the later or advanced stage. So the early detection will be easier to have a early tests and can be prescribed with drugs which can extend the mesothelioma survival rate.

The mesothelioma survival rate also depends upon the age of the patient and also the health of the patients. The early prognosis of mesothelioma will definitely lead to a positive treatment esp., in the survival rate of the patients from this dreadful medical condition.


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